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Boxing Resistance Bands

Boxing Resistance Bands

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Become Stronger, Faster And Take Your Skills To The Next Level

Body Bands were designed to help you achieve desired workout goals with zero gym equipment. Develop AGILITY, SPEED, MUSSLE MASS and get STRONGER with resistance body bands.

Resistance training plays a massive role in enhancing your speed and explosive power as well as increasing muscle strength and burning fat. The Boxing Resistance Bands have been designed from biomechanics perspective to enhance the movement and strength of the Upper and Lower body.

Enhances Your Physical Abilities: The added resistance to your body movements helps improve your general explosiveness, speed and strength.

Suitable For Any Training Program: With the added benefit of burning through those excess calories, the Boxing Resistance Bands also make for an excellent killer-cardio workout.

Protects Your Joints: Allows you to train many times harder without adding any additional tension to your joints.

Adjustable Resistance: The buckles can also be adjusted to add more elastic rope to increase resistance and meet your various requirements.

Helps Maintain Your Guard: Adds a downward force to your arms that will strengthen your guard.


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